Microbiology offers a unique understanding of the variation and adaption of organisms right in your classroom. 

STEM Reactor offers Experiment Packages for studying the microbial world. Microbiology is also a key method used in industry and environmental sciences to detect and evaluate biological risks. 

Students learn about how organisms have adaptations to abiotic factors. Students will grow bacteria on petrie dishes, expose them to different conditions and observe changes. 

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Environmental Microbiology experimental kits

Edvotek 956 - Bioremediation by Oil Eating Bacteria - $219 + GST

Oil spills cause devastation to the environment killing sea life, birds, and coastal plants. Spraying areas of contamination with oil-eating microbes accelerates the degradation of the oil. This process is known as bioremediation. In this open-ended experiment, students will grow a mixture of oil-eating bacteria and observe their effectiveness at degrading a variety of oils.


MUD WATT - MAKE Energy from Mud

Want to engage your students in science and engineering in a whole new way - merging disciplines like microbiology decomposition , renewable energy, electrical engineering all in one fun and memorable experience? 
Product Features
• The award-winning bio-energy pet!
• Build your very own fuel cell that runs on muddy microbes
• A perfect STEM project for budding scientists and engineers

Mud Watt - MUD100 - Classroom Pack - $349 + GST

Classroom Pack Includes : Graduated container (10 sets), Carbon felt electrodes (10 sets), Blinker circuits (10 sets), Aligator clips (9 sets), 3x Digital clocks, Instructional  Booklet (10 sets) , Nitrile Gloves (10 pairs) and free MudWatt Explorer App

MUD watt Classic - MUD001 - $54.95 + GST

Classic Kit Includes : 
Graduated container, Carbon felt electrodes (1 set), 
Blinker circuit, digital clock 1x Instructional  Booklet , 
Nitrile Gloves and free MudWatt Explorer App