Every Child is Curious.  Every Student can be a Scientist. 

Bring the most engaging experiences to your classroom with STEM Reactor. We offer high quality resources for science practical teaching. 


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All the resources you will require to run experiments prepared for your classes.

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Practical training to empower teachers to use all the techniques used in research labs to teach a range of concepts in their own classrooms. 

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Access resources that will make practical classes more memorable. Students will be always be able to use the newest technology without needing to purchase equipment. 

Over years of working in the Biotechnology industry I have met students and teachers who are so excited about the possibilities and the future of science. So often the resources to do the most fun, exciting and engaging investigations are not accessible. STEM Reactor aims to give all students the opportunity to experience all the theory they are learning. We offer equipment for hire and demonstrations so students can  use the newest technology in their own classrooms. 

Jeannette Tran - Managing Director of STEM Reactor