Go Micro

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Go Micro

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Easy to use clip-on microscope that will work with most phones and iPads. Hours and hours of fun exploration for your kids. It comes with a built-in white and UV light. Things look different in UV light. You can share their discoveries on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Clip it on and let your kids enjoy looking at the world with GoMicro.

  • UV and White light attachment – allows you to see things only visible in the UV spectrum. Great for devices without a camera flash.

  • Easy to use – all you need to do is clip the microscope onto your phone and open a camera app

  • Portable – this microscope fits into your palm, so you can bring it with you wherever you go

  • Multiple-lens microscope system – used to produce clearer images than other single bead designs

GoMicros have been used for a number of things, from exploration to photography. Great tool to get the children in the backyard exploring.

Previous buyers have used this for:

  • Sparking interest in biology to children

  • Identifying bugs

  • Examining samples in fieldwork

  • Verifying soldering joints

  • Checking for counterfeit products using UV lighting

  • Taking amazing macro photos

  • Checking moles (by doctors)

This product also comes in a class pack, perfect for schools or larger teams.

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