DNA has driven so many advances in understanding of the Living World. 

STEM Reactor offers Equipment and Experiment Packages for studying DNA using electrophoresis, a key technique used in research, industry and forensic sciences  for understanding genetic variation. 

Students learn to identify similarities and differences in DNA samples. They will load and run an agarose gel and analyse the results. 

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Electrophoresis Equipment for hire

DNA Electrophoresis kit - $110 + GST for 1 week (NSW only)

This package includes all the equipment you will need to perform DNA and protein electrophoresis experiments for 6 student groups in your classroom. 


  • Hexagel electrophoresis tank with trays, combs and casting gaskets for 6 gels

  • Power Supply (150V)

  • UV Transilluminator

  • 6 x 20uL Minipipets

  • Tube Racks

Simulations of Electrophoresis

Principles and Practice of Electrophoresis - Biotek S101 - $55 + GST

Complete in 45 minutes. Agarose gel electrophoresis is a powerful, analytical method for the separation of biomolecules. This experiment demonstrates the basic procedures of agarose gel electrophoresis, including gel casting, sample loading and separation on the basis of size and charge, using a selected set of colored dyes that have different properties and various rates of mobility during electrophoresis. (6 experimental groups)

Whose DNA was left behind? - BioTek S51 - $55 + GST

In this experiment, students compare dyes in simulated crime scene DNA with that of two suspects. (6 experimental groups)


In search of my father - BioTek S49 - $55 + GST

In this experiment, students compare dyes in simulated crime scene DNA with that of two suspects. (6 experimental groups)



DNA Electrophoresis Experiment kits


Sickle Cell Gene Detection - edvotek 116 - $169 + GST

Sickle Cell Anemia is a common genetic disease that causes long rods in red blood cells, giving them a "sickled" appearance. In this experiment, your students will investigate the restriction enzyme that discriminates between HbA (normal) and HbS (disease) genes and perform a simulated test on a patient. (6 experimental groups)

DNA Fingerprinting with restriction enzyme digestion - Edvotek 109 - $169 + GST

Basic concepts of DNA fingerprinting are featured in this lab by comparing crime scene DNA with suspect DNAs. Fingerprint patterns are separated by agarose gel electrophoresis and the students determine who may have done-it! (6 experimental groups)

Edvotek 115 - Cancer Gene Detection - $169 + GST

The p53 gene is a tumor suppressor gene which prevents cancer. Testing people for mutations in their p53 gene can indicate an increased risk in developing cancer. A DNA test indicates their likelihood of developing cancer. (6 experimental groups)

Edvotek 114 - DNA Paternity Testing - $169+GST

This experiment introduces students to the use of DNA fingerprinting in a simulated paternity determination. A child's DNA fingerprint is compared with his parents. The experiment does not contain human DNA. (6 experimental groups)