DNA is the fundamental road map for all living things. These activities and models provide a foundation for teaching molecular biology. 


In-DA-Pendant Genes - Biotek idpg025 - $112.50 + GST

This kit is sufficient for 25 students. In this activity, students will extract DNA from their own cheek cells and leave class wearing their DNA in a stylish glass pendant around their neck. This simple lab activity requires no specialized equipment or stains, yet allows students to conduct a real-world laboratory procedure that is used to extract DNA from a wide variety of organisms. Students realize how easily DNA can be isolated for use in many biotechnology applications, such as: cloning, gene transfer, and DNA profiling.

You simply supply hot water and ice-cold ethanol or isopropanol.


HOW DO YOU CLONE A GENE? - edvotek S20 - $99 + GST

A set of multicolored links demonstrate a variety of molecular biology simulations. Plasmids are circular bacterial DNAs that are vehicles that can be genetically engineered to express gene products such as insulin and growth hormone. Students learn about digesting DNA with restriction enzymes and cloning genes in plasmids.

Experiment Includes (for 4 Lab Groups):

  • Complete instructions, background information, & study questions
  • Plasmid models
  • Small plastic bags.

12 LAYER DNA MODEL KIT - Biotek 1151 - $79 + GST

Your students can build a model of DNA with this simple and colorful system. The parts are color-coded to represent the purines, pyrimidines, deoxyribose and phosphate groups that make up the double helix of DNA. This kit includes differently sized purines and pyrimidines, the correct number of hydrogen bonds and the minor and major grooves are shown. Ideal for modelling DNA replication.