Curriculum linked science incursions. These workshops are 100% hands-on. 

Students learn molecular biology techniques and have the chance to experience studying DNA in practice. 


In Da Pendant Genes

In this activity, students will extract DNA from their own cheek cells and leave class wearing their DNA in a stylish glass pendant around their neck. 30 minutes. 


Whose DNA was left behind? 

Forensic DNA fingerprinting has become a universally accepted crime-fighting tool. Recent advances use the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to amplify human DNA obtained from crime scenes allow us to identify a suspect. 60 minutes.


In Search of my Father

This experiment introduces students to the use of DNA fingerprinting in a simulated paternity determination. A child’s DNA fingerprint is compared with his parents to learn about heredity of genetic traits. 60 minutes. 


Professional Learning workshops also available. Contact us for more information.