Curriculum linked science incursions. These workshops are 100% hands-on. 

Students learn molecular biology techniques and have the chance to experience studying DNA in practice. 

Prices for workshops are based on the number of students and wet lab space available. All workshops are specifically tailored to each school. Currently only available in NSW and South East Queensland.



Students will have a hands on experience with electrophoresis. We will explore this technique, why we use it and how to analyse the results. Teachers can choose from a range of themes to integrate into their program. (90 mins).


Genetic engineering

In this experiment, students will explore the biological process of bacterial transformation using E. coli and plasmid DNA. At the end of the activity, students will have experience observing and analyzing acquired traits (ampicillin resistance and fluorescence) as exhibited by transformed bacterial cells. (90 mins)


Antibiotic Resistance

Understand antibiotic resistance through using discs embedded with antibiotics to challenge bacterial growth. (40 mins)


Professional Learning workshops also available. Contact us for more information.