Me3D produces some of the best, purpose-designed educational printers around. TheMe2 is easy to use, perfect to let you develop the skills and experience necessary to master the new wave of manufacturing.

ME2 Starter Pack

$1,365 (ex. GST)

Compatible with our full range of materials, software and learning guides, this pack contains everything you need…

  • Me2 3D Printer
  • BuildTak sheet
  • 19V Power Supply (110-240V)
  • 300g PolyPlus material
  • Basic toolkit

Product description

The Me2 might have a simple design but that doesn’t mean we want to skimp on any of the components. This award winning 3D printer features all anodized aluminium parts, strong Nema 17 motors and 608ZZ ABEC3 bearings on delrin wheels.  This combination makes it accurate, reliable and quiet.

Buildsize (cm): 20 (L) 22 (W) 18 (H)

Layer Resolution: Ultra-fine  0.05mm, Fine  0.1mm, Draft  0.2mm, Fast  0.3mm Printing Speed: 3-120mm/s

Nozzle Printing Temp: 80-250ºC Supported Materials: PolyPlus, PolyMax, PolyFlex, PolyWood

Included software: MatterControl for Me3D Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux

File Types: STL, AMF, ZIP

Dimensions Product: 32 (L) 32 (W) 42 (H) 4.2kg

Shipping: 30 (L) 41 (W) 43 (H) 9kg